Regular event – Kids Run Free, London


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Regular event – Primrose Hill Market, London

We’re opening Primrose Hill Market to provide choice, quality and to promote direct links with producers.

Why shop at Primrose Hill Market?
We have handpicked some of London’s best traders who offer exceptional produce that can’t be found in Supermarkets. We hope to encourage people to learn about where their food comes from and to get to know the producers who made it.

Supermarkets are often a convenient way to shop, but there is no experience and no ‘theatre’ and for every pound we spend in supermarkets, a very small percentage goes to the person who made what you buy.

By shopping at Primrose Hill market, every pound you spend will support a local cheesemonger, butcher, baker or dairy farmer, so they can re invest the money into continuing to do what they do. We have an ensemble of stall holders ready to serve you, British Charcuterie from Cannon and Cannon, Raw Milk and Butter from Hook and Son, Fresh fruit and veg from Brockman’s Farm, delicious weekend treats from Bad Brownie and many more…

The organisers of the market live locally and so we want to bring more trade to the area and support existing businesses. If you work for or own a local business get in touch to discuss ideas for cross promotion. We have also reserved some pitches for local residents and start up food businesses, if you’d like to be considered please get in touch.

We look forward to welcoming you to the market soon.

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