Past event – Introduction to Natural History Photography with Pete Murray, Oakham

This beginner’s course will show you how to take better pictures and develop a photographic eye for of a range of natural history subjects, on a day in the Egleton Reserve.

In each session we show you how to set up and use your camera for a specific picture style, including habitat pictures, portraits of plant and animal subjects in their natural settings, and how to capture close-up detail.

We finish with a review of the techniques covered during the day and provide summary hand-outs for each of the photographic sessions. The course is limited to 8 people to ensure you get the most from your day.

£55 for the day. Any type of digital camera is suitable for this course

Course type:

Beginners – little or no experience in natural history photography

Pete Murray (Course Tutor)

Pete been a photography course tutor for over 20 years, and photographer for much longer than that!

His main interests are plant and landscape photography, particularly capturing images of wild plants in their natural habitats. He runs a variety of practical photography workshops for beginners and more experienced photographers and has led photographic tours to plant venues in Europe. He has been awarded RHS and AGS (artistic) gold medals for his photography.

This course is suitable for any digital camera

Twitter: @RutlandWaterNR


Saturday 3rd May 2014

9:45 am to 4:00 pm

Rutland Water Nature Reserve
LE15 8BT



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