Past event – Celebrate! St. George’s Day at Borough Market, London

Many of us only associate St. George as the patron saint of England, but the dragon-slayer is also the patron saint of many other communities, including Catalonia. In celebration of this, we’ve teamed up with the Government of Catalonia for a special day to honour our shared saint, diverse cultures and traditions.

On Sunday 27th April, Borough Market traders will be showcasing the best of their produce and there’ll also be Demonstration Kitchens throughout the day focusing on English and Catalan dishes.

The exchanging of roses and books as a sign of respect is something of a Catalan custom and the UK delegation of the Government of Catalonia will perform the ritual with members of the public, while traders will hand out roses to revellers throughout the day.There will also be traditional music and entertainment throughout the day.

Join us in the Green Market from 12-4pm on Sunday 27th April to celebrate St. George’s Day and to learn more about English and Catalan traditions and cooking!

Twitter: @boroughmarket


Sunday 27th April 2014

Borough Market
8 Southwark Street



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