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Events are categorised by county and city, and are current and upcoming, future or past.

Current and upcoming
Events that are happening in the current month or the next calendar month only

Events that are happening beyond the end of the next calendar month
As the current month is February, everything taking place from 1st April onwards is classed as future. These events will be summarised on the Future events page above.
On the first Saturday of each new month, events for the next month will be featured under their relevant county and city. For example, all of April’s events will be posted on Saturday 7th March.

This event has taken place
Once an event has ended, it is moved to the ‘ARCHIVE’ part of the site. This takes place the day after the event has ended.

As well as events being listed under towns and cities, there are also nationwide events taking place. You can find them here.

Event classifications and types
To make it easier to find events featured on whatsonwhere, similar events are grouped together. Simply click on the classification page, such as “Animals, nature and horticulture” and then click on the relevant event type, such as “nature event”, and you will see all of the nature events taking place across the UK in the current month and the next month, all in one place. If you click on an event type, and there aren’t any events shown, check back next week, as new events are posted every Saturday.

whatsonwhere is a free to use, not-for-profit blog. Events are featured on the site free of charge, so if you would like to have an event featured here, email me at whatsonwhereuk@yahoo.co.uk

The events section is updated weekly every Saturday, so keep checking back for more info on upcoming events!

N.B. whatsonwhere is not responsible if an event is cancelled. Please ensure that you check with the event website before attending to double check that the event is still taking place.

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