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Ongoing event – Beyond White Walls, London

A KI Europe and Gallery Argentum exhibition.

View a selection of pieces that will be on display

This exhibition explores the valuable contribution, both aesthetic and psychological, art can make in the corporate office environment.

It brings together the works of a selection of exciting Modern British and European Artists at various stages of their careers. Works on display will include pieces from:

Pablo Picasso
Joan Miro
Martin Olsson
Derek Nice
Catherine Richardson
David Ridley
Stuart Ayton
Rebekah Stovold
Hilary Owers
Malcolm Ashmann
Erica Campanella
Ricky Keech
Sue Hall
Tim Benson, Vice President of the Royal Society of Oil Painters
Allan Williams
Anthony Jones
Rosie Elizabeth Barker

Regina Heinz
Andrew Schumann
Sarah Purvey
Jo Taylor
Ekkehard Altenburger
Kari Carrington
Ewa Wawryzniak
Christina Mitrentse
Kathy Prest

Twitter: @kieurope @GalleryArgentum


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Commonwealth House
148/153 High Holborn